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Meet Sarah

Leadership Consultant

Sarah Beach Consulting is located near Baltimore, MD and was created from a passion for leadership. I have worked for the past 14 years in various management and leadership positions; learning, observing, and asking the pertinent questions as to what makes a great leader. An ideal leader inspires and empowers people, simultaneously projects confidence and humility, and yet leads effective, productive, and successful teams. But is that even possible to achieve? At Sarah Beach consulting we believe that it IS possible, and that it starts with YOU! 


I believe wholeheartedly that leadership starts with developing an incredible self-awareness as well as knowing the individuals that you lead and serve. At Sarah Beach consulting, we offer programs to help you grow into a highly sought after leader.

I also believe that even the best leaders need to periodically check the health of their teams. Is your team as productive as they can be? Are you aware of everyone’s strengths and fostering opportunities for growth?  At Sarah Beach consulting, we offer
programs to help you assess the health of your team along with developing strategies for everyone to
reach their fullest potential.


What Others Are Saying


"Many years ago I attended a leadership seminar where I heard the quote, "A great leader strives to help everyone around them be leaders too." Having served alongside of Sarah for over 6 years and having been led by her myself for many of those, I can say that by this definition, and many other definitions, Sarah is a great leader. Sarah has a way of expressing challenging ideas in encouraging ways that help you realize your strengths and step into them on deeper levels, and realize your weaknesses and see realistic paths to overcome them. I can say with 100% confidence that I would not be the leader or person I am today without the benefit of Sarah's leadership."

- Shannon Baltimore, MD

"As someone who has had the benefit of being under Sarah's leadership, I remain forever changed in every good way because of that experience. Sarah has the unique ability to lead others, not by simply telling them what they should do, but by asking just the right questions that help them learn how to lead themselves. Her leadership style is one that truly empowers individuals to find strength and skills within themselves so they can learn, grow, and truly thrive. Sarah remains one of the most influential people of my life."

- Susan 

Naples, FL

"I had the honor of sitting under Sarah’s leadership for over four years. During that time, Sarah helped to guide us towards becoming the best versions of ourselves by encouraging us to identify and cultivate our gifts, and by making each of us feel known and valued through taking the time to get to know us personally. Because of the example Sarah set for me, I felt confident to take on a similar leadership role myself and have often looked to Sarah for her support, guidance and expertise. She is a great and organized communicator, incredibly patient and easy going, and is able to help you establish and meet your goals while humbly and helpfully offering her advice and knowledge along the way."

- Laura

Baltimore, MD

"Sometimes what you really need to succeed is a person to recognize not only your potential, but to encourage and challenge you along the way while providing you with tools for success.  Sarah did so with me with both personal and professional goals.  She was willing to run the race with me—she was there through the training and practice run-throughs, encouraging me as I met each small goal on the way to the finish line.  With the leadership, direction and support she provided me, I am now able to continue striving toward my goals independently with confidence."


Bel Air, MD

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